Aquila Barn – Encaptulating a Landscape

Sitting harmoniously on a high plateau of the rural landscape, a century old, elegantly proportioned hay barn has imbibed new life in an award winning, innovative transformation.  Winner of excellence in the Master Builders Association, Awards for 2009

Aquila Barn's luxurious, eco-friendly metamorphoses is slowly revealed

As one approaches the quietly unassuming barn, the tall from the floor, double-glazed/tinted windows, allude to a spacious and welcoming interior. 

The soft pale tones of the rough-sawn timber linings the interior walls and high vaulted ceiling accentuate a light filled spaciousness. Magnificent Tasmanian myrtle (Nothofagus sp.) bench tops and feature timbers, hay-loft/mezzanine and medieval up-lighting further enhance the original character of the now elegant retreat for two.

Incorporation of salvaged, reclaimed and recycled building materials, define the barns metamorphosis. Passive solar heating is augmented by a wood fire, burning timber grown on the farm - replenished by regeneration and reforestation plantings. In the latitude of the Roaring Forties, Tasmania's NW is assured exceptionally pure rain water that is harvested and reticules in a closed on-farm system. The wall and ceiling cavities of the barn are brim-full of insulation and a solar power system reticules unused energy back to the grid.

Abundant inclusions encompass a fully equipped gourmet kitchen for those with a passion to seek out Tasmania's excellent local produce.

A feast of growers markets and farm-fresh boutique supplier ensuring a well stocked 'clean-green' pantry.  Dotted between small hamlets along country lanes of the north west, one discovers a feast of diversity, from a roadside barrow of newly harvested organic potatoes to a sophisticated cellar-door winery - a specialty meat supplier offering venison and game - a tiny plot of self-pick berries to an oversize letterbox offering, free new-laid duck eggs.  

For pure relaxation, sink deep into a leather couch with a glass of fine Tasmanian wine, as you relax by the wood fire. Be immersed into the landscape, captivated by the play of wind and light.  As Tasmania's cool climate wines, specifically the aromatic pinots, gain international acclaim, local boutique growers explore new and exciting varieties - a diverse harvest celebrated by the local Wynyard bottle shop - 'Top Pub' stocks an extensive selection of Tasmanian wines, as does 'Delish', the aptly named Deli at Wivenhoe near Burnie. 

The calm, meditative ambiance of Aquila Barn makes it an ideal retreat for those seeking solace from the complexities of life.  For the artist, the writer, the romantic - the barn give license for creativity. For all, a quiet understated luxury, that imparts a capacity to be one with the environment.

Open planed and spacious, Aquila Barn is essentially for a couple (or individual) although the mezzanine loft, offers additional accommodation.  The inclusions are comprehensive and welcoming. A place for all seasons, whether cocooned from an exhilarating, tempestuous storm or lazing in the last rays of a spectacular sunset on the outer deck, a personal peace resonates.

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Aquila Barn

Aquila Barn

Aquila Barn

Aquila Barn

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